Hodgson Family Lights

Raising money for Martin House Childrens Hospice

About our Display

In 2020, Hodgson Family lights entertained thousands of people and raised over £3500 for Martin House Childrens Hospice

Returning in 2021 and bigger than ever! Hodgson Family Lights brings Halloween into the mix and current plans look to take the display from 7,000 to over 20,000 individually controlled lights!

We are hard at work on this years display but keep an eye on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hodgsonlights/


Heather, Dom and Scarlett are a Disney loving family that want to bring the night time spectaculars of theme parks to their local area.

Together we've raised almost £50,000 for Martin House Childrens Hospice and hope to raise more with stupid challenges (like doing 26 half marathons in 26 costumes) and over the top light displays

Thank you!

Our target is £3500 this season, every pound helps


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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the lights be on?

Our plan this year is to have both a halloween AND Christmas display.

What songs do you play?

This years display is still being confirmed

How many lights do you have?

This years display is still being confirmed

Can I get involved?

We have produced a sponsorship pack for companies to get involved with the display.

How long does it take to do?

This is our hobby so it pretty much takes all year between designing the display, building the individual props, testing them and sequencing. Putting the lights up on the house takes about a week (and usually involves some friends that we are very grateful to for their help)

How much does this cost to build/run?

I'll admit this isn't a cheap hobby but the display costs about as much as a small family holiday to build over the year(and since we couldn't go on holiday this year, at least the money wasn't wasted).

To run the display isn't as expensive as you think due to all of the lights being LED, it will cost less than £50 to run from November to Jan in the evening)

You can do my house next

Special projects and commercial quotes are available

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For any further queries please email [email protected]

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